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Bob Hairstyles

Bob’s your uncle!

The bob is a sartorial classic, from the sleek, fringed flapper styles of the 1920s; to Jackie Kennedy’s bouffant; to the original Posh Spice poker straight cut which epitomised the early 00’s. While hairdressers are still fielding requests for vintage and classic styles, a new type of ‘undone’ bob is emerging. Dubbed “The Karlie” after supermodel and fashion icon Karlie Kloss, this bob is feathered, tousled, wavy and swept to the side.

A choppy side-parted fringe is worked into the shoulder-length cut, and layers are added for texture. Highlights and lowlights can also be added to create a natural, sun-kissed look. Hair is dried into waves, and the ends are flicked out for a messy, casual look. Finish things off with a touch of serum rubbed into the hair, and a spritz of good hairspray. This is a delicate style which works best on fine hair with a natural wave. Thick hair will require more defined layers, while straight hair can be styled out with a bit of hair wax.

The undone bob is not difficult to maintain, it looks just as good when it has grown out by a few inches, as it will when it is freshly done. Experiment with your everyday look by playing with clips, straighteners and crimpers. For extra oomph, add a few hot rollers at home or tease out a few sections with a curling iron. For special occasions, book yourself into the hairdressers for a blow dry to freshen up your style.