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Pastel Hair: Myth vs Reality

Every season brings a new hair style surprise, and this time it is pastel colours. Everyone from Kylie Jenner, to Katy Perry, Kelly Osborne and Nicole Richie are getting in on the trend, sporting pale pink, green, blue and purple locks just in time for the festival season.

But how wearable is this trend for those of us who don’t happen to be superstars? We sort through the myths and realities of pastel coloured hair.

MYTH: You have to keep touching up your roots if you opt for an unnatural hair colour.

REALITY: Dark roots and ombre styles are still in vogue, so you can get away with a bit of regrowth. If you don’t want to commit to a full pastel look, get a few subtle streaks instead, or opt for a few coloured hair extensions to try out the look with minimal fuss.

MYTH: I won’t suit a pastel hair colour

REALITY: There is a pastel colour for everyone. Pink tends to work on every skin tone, while cool greens, lilacs and blues work best on pale skin, and warm purples, yellows and oranges look great on darker or olive toned skin.

MYTH: Pastel hair colours will destroy my hair

REALITY: A good hairdresser will take great care of your hair, and recommend products to keep your mane looking its best. Your hair colour service will include a conditioning treatment, which will leave your hair looking silky and smooth. However, the lighter your colour, the more care you will need to take with it. Invest in a great treatment and book yourself in for monthly hair mask appointments to maintain your lustre.

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